Commensurate with the mission and the avenues open, Rajarshi Rananjay Sinh College of Pharmacy has developed excellent facilities to ensure that the students are prepared to take up responsibilities in their future endeavors.

The institute has highly qualified faculty, experienced both in teaching and industry, lead by the Principal Principal Dr. Anup Maiti, a dynamic personality. He has overall several years of Professional as well as teaching experience. The experience gained by him from various aspects of Pharmacy is utilized in developing modernized laboratories at par with the industry.

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The library has a collection of about 9119 books and some CDs with multiple copies of text books under more than 1616 titles. Many national, international journals and few newspapers are subscribed. Photocopy facility is also available. It is also envisaged to network the library with other national and international libraries digitally.

It is also provided with reprographic services and high speed internet connection with numerous terminals thereby assisting the faculty and students to acquire knowledge through sophisticated means.

Available Books as per norms :

1. Titles of Books 1616
2. Volumes of Books 9119
3. Journals 23
4. National Journals 20
5. International Journals 3
6. Stacking/Seating Capacity 60
7. Photo Copy Facility 1


Pharmaceutics encompasses an understanding of the basic physical chemistry necessary for the efficient design of dosage forms, manufacture of various dosages forms in small and large scale; study in depth about cultivation, avoidance and elimination of micro organisms in medicines.

The Industrial Pharmacy Laboratory along with the aseptic area are specially designed to develop all these technical skills.The Pharmaceutical chemistry laboratories are meant to study the chemical aspects of drug molecules starting from the basic organic chemistry to drug design and synthesis of newer drugs.

Students are trained to identify and extract newer chemical and toxins from natural sources as well.
Students are taught to determine the extent of purity of row materials and drugs in Pharmaceutical dosage forms by using highly sophisticated instruments.

The Pharmacological activities of newly synthesized drugs are tested and taught here. A highly sophisticated animal house has been provided. The laboratory is well equipped with all necessary instruments to carry out Pharmacological experiments.

This laboratory is well equipped with high magnification microscopes and apparatus required for extraction purposes. Research work is being carried out to identify the herbal plants having high medicinal value. Various standardization procedures are also developed for herbal drugs and their formulations.

The spacious laboratories as per subject have modern scientific equipments with various charts and models. There are separate balance room, dark room & store room facility.

Available Laboratories Specifications :

S.No Laboratory Room Total Area of lab/ workshop Major Equipments
1. Pharmaceutics - I (General Pharmacy) 114 sqm Ball Mill Balances etc.
2. Pharmaceutical Chemistry - I 114 sqm Oven, M. P. Apparatus etc.
3. H. A. P. & P. 114 sqm Bi & Tri ocular Microscopes with camera etc.
4. Computer Lab 150 sqm 20 P IV Computers with 3 Printers
5. Industrial Pharmacy 116 sqm Rotary Tablet Punching Machine, Cap. Filling Machine etc. (small pilot plant)
6. Pharmaceutical Analysis 114 sqm pH meter, potential meter, Carl Fischer, Electronic weighting machine etc.
7. Pharmacognocy 114 sqm Murfle furnes, camera lucida, Zeldhal apparatus, Microscopes
8. Pharm. Micro-Biology 139 sqm Incubator, Laminat Bench etc.
9. Pharmacology 114 Sqm. Analgesio Meter, Rotary Drum etc.
10. Pharmaceutics-II (Pharmatech) 114 Sqm. D.R. Apparatus etc.
11. Pharmaceutics-III (Physical Pharmacy) 114 Sqm. rotatory vacuum evaporator.etc.
12. Central Instrument room 116 Sqm. U.V. Spectrophotometer, PhotoColorimeteretc.
13. Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II (Medicinal Chemistry) 114 Sqm  

Class Rooms/Lecture Rooms

The Institute as well furnished class rooms / lecture theatre fitted with over head & multimedia projector and other facilities to assist the teacher to apply their pedagogical skills.

The classrooms are provided with modern teaching aids like multimedia projectors attached with Computers, Slide Projectors, Over Head Projectors etc.

The Rajarshi Rananjay Sinh College of Pharmacy ensures quality education by imputing values to such concepts are;

  •   State-of-the art classrooms
  •   Well designed and fully equipped laboratories
  •   Faculty providing the excellence of teaching, training and research projects
  •   Ample indoor and outdoor extra curricular activities

These facilities enable the teachers to make the students to get the cream in of knowledge acquisition. The laboratories stand as testimony to the excellence in architecture. The live demos and hand-on training with latest instruments enable confidence build up to work in pharmaceutical industries.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab of the college is having its own very fine infrastructure. Number of terminals. all related accessories, 24 hours internet connection, fully network bounded (LAN/WAN), Collection of approximately all required software, Tutorial CDs and many more is saying its story and the real infrastructure.
Well trained faculties and full time support is no doubt appreciating.

Specifications of computer lab (Computer facility for the existing programme) :

S.No Particulars Availability
1. No. of Computer Terminals 60
2. Hardware Specifications Pentium - IV and Dual Core
3. No. of Terminals on LAN/WAN 60
4. Relevant Legal/Licensed Software Application as well as System Software (5 and 2 respectively)
5. Accessories Printers, Scanners, Web Camera, Multimedia Projector
6. Internet Accessibility 36 Mbps, Broadband Line, 24 Hours Accessibility

Hostel Facility

The Institute provide hostel with 24 hours electricity and water supply for both boys and girls separately.

Hostel mess is being managed by student mess committees. The mess in the hostel provides hygienic and delicious food to the students. The quality of the food in ensured by qualified and experienced catering personnel.

Local transport services are available to carry students from city to the institute and to back. The college provides comfortable and pleasant stay for its students and faculties. Architectural excellence can be felt at student hostels and staff quarters inside the college campus.

A 1000 litre / day capacity water purification unit (mineral water unit) fulfils the drinking water need both in the hostel mess and the entire campus.

A medical supervisor is available at call to provide any medical aid required for the residents of the hostel. In short, the students feel the care and comfort while staying in the hostels. It is the kind of home-away from home experience they used to seek.

( Note well : Hostel accomodation is subject to availablity )

Sports & Cultural Resources

Sports & Games

A well-established playground and a gym inside the campus helps the students to build up the physical mite of the users of these facilities. The students are trained in various outdoor games like cricket, volleyball, etc. and indoor games such as chess, table tennis etc.

Cultural and Welfare Activities

Students from different parts of India seek knowledge from the college. Thus the campus not only serves to achieve academic pursuits but also provides an excellent opportunity to understand and of their own with other. They also celebrate the festive occasions in their own traditional way. Students also exhibit their excellence in various cultural activities


  •   Banking Facility with 24 hrs A. T. M.
  •   Internet Facility
  •   Water Cooler with Aquaguard
  •   Travel Concession
  •   24 hrs. Security
  •   Regular interaction with guardians for students progress
  •   Sports and recreation facilities
  •   In campus cafeteria
  •   Medical facility from Sanjay Gandhi Medical Hospital
  •   Loan (educational) facilities from State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank etc.
  •   Individual Medical Insurance